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Life After War Series

Untold miles of lawless, apocalyptic roads wait for our feet

"This is Safe Haven Refugee Camp. Can anyone hear me? …hello? Is anyone out there?

The end of the world has given us a harsh, merciless existence, where nature tries hard to push mankind to the very brink of extinction. Everything is against us, between us... Untold miles of lawless, apocalyptic roads wait for our feet, and the future, cold and dark, offers little comfort. Without change, there can be no peace. Only survivors.”

From dangerous trips into dark, apocalyptic cities, to patriotic rescues and furious revelations, Life After War is an action-packed fantasy series where those left alive must come to terms with their mistakes in the old world, while fighting for a place in the new one. Life After War. Magic and Reality blended into a post-apocalyptic fantasy series that you won't ever forget.

Summary in 20 words or less:
An action adventure quest, with a supernatural romance, and many other subplots, set during the aftermath of the apocalypse.

What can you expect to discover in this fantasy series?
  • The End of the World, up close and full of apocalyptic horror.
  • A government conspiracy that caused the apocalypse.
  • An adventure into the wastelands to find family, supplies, and safety.
  • A supernatural romance with a dangerous secret about a child's parentage and a love strong enough to survive nuclear armageddon.
  • An invasion, ambushes, attacks from nature and man-guns and magic!
  • A refugee camp with very different laws, picking up those who have survived.
  • A hero you will love, even as you ponder the secrets that could lose him leadership.
  • A witch, a doctor, a government storm tracker, a star, and three Marines struggling to keep their people alive and together as they prepare to defend themselves against Cesar's slavers.
  • A constant battle for survival that includes deadly trips into decaying American cities, insanity, relics of the past, and ghosts that stalk their every move.
"Set along the lines of The Stand and The Postman, this is a chilling vision of the collapse of all society and the rebirth of a nation by those who survived. It's so much more than just another fantasy series."
The Survivors (book one) has been a bestseller on multiple retailers in fantasy series, dark fantasy, science fiction series, action adventure, and horror. It has been downloaded more than 300K times. Get yours today! This way, please...

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The Survivors: Book One-Three
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On The Road: Book Two
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Life After War: Books 1-3

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From The Ashes: Book Five

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The Price We Pay
Life After War: Book Seven
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Carved In Stone
Life After War: Book Eight
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Alice said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Alice said...

Okay, 2/1 has come and gone. I'm dying for Book 5!!

wyntyr said...

This is the 1st series that I have been reading in years. Nothing was keeping my interest enough to wait on the next installment with anticipation. I want to thank you so much for all your hardwork
and sharing. Keep them and I will be right here waiting.
Connie ***************

allowingtoo said...

I would like to read the first 50 pages on my Kindle but Scribd doesn't allow that without a premium account :(

Bre said...

Love love love this series! I was hesitant continuing after book 1-2 due to the editing but am so glad I gave it a chance :) Editing was still kinda iffy in book 3 but by then I was so hooked that buying book 4 was a definite (and thankfully the editing was almost flawless).
I am looking forward to reading more of your wonderful stories!

Tom Kuchen said...

This is a great series. Can't wait for the next part to come out.

Kelly said...

I'm so in love with this series! I've read them all (as fast as I could) and wish there were more to read already. This is the type of story that I never want to end. The grammatical errors in the first few irked me because they pulled me out of the story. But the writing is so good that I'll gladly overlook the errors. I see with the final book there are only a couple of errors - thank you for that. Your style of writing is my favorite because nothing else exists except the story. Keep writing away! I'm going to check out some of your other books now. Thank you for the free editions - it's what led me to you and for that I'm so thankful. I'll spread the word of your wonderful work to all of my friends!

True Thoughts said...


I just finished Book 5. I hate that I have to wait a whole year for Book 6. LOL! I do have to agree with Kelly. The grammatical errors kinda pulled me from the story too, but they've gotten less and less throughout the series and I definitely appreciate that. I know you have a life, but this series is my addiction at this point. I don't want to wait so long for the next one! lol. I still don't understand how you haven't had any movie or tv series offers on these yet. They would be PERFECT for that especially in the demand for post apocalyptical themes today.

wyntyr said...

I wish I could afford to buy all of my friends copies of this series That's how good it is!

Gina Palmonari said...

I just can not wait for book 6..... the suspense is killing me. Hope you have a great trip but hurry back...I need my fix. I found this series by accident. Actually thought it was another On The Road by another author and was set to re-read the book. Great surprise that it was written by you, could not put my kindle down.

Gina Palmonari said...

I just can not wait for book 6..... the suspense is killing me. Hope you have a great trip but hurry back...I need my fix. I found this series by accident. Actually thought it was another On The Road by another author and was set to re-read the book. Great surprise that it was written by you, could not put my kindle down.

Ghornet54 said...

Ok, I was late in coming to this series. A friend at work recommended them and I can't put them down. Been busy trying to catch up! Now on Adrian's Eagles! Read books 1-3 on my week's vacation. Very relaxing! Love these books. Will buy #6 as soon as it's available.

soverybabbs said...

I'm a huge fan of Stephen Kings gunslinger series and have felt such a loss since it ended but your series is top notch and has filled the void. Anxious for the next book.

insomnia said...

LOVE your LAW books. Devouring them one after another. I just finished safe haven and am about to start Adrian's Eagles.

insomnia said...

LOVE the LAW series. Just finished Safe Haven and now am about to start Adrian's Eagles. Devouring them one by one. Thanks-Jill

Pat Hart said...

Love, love, love this series of books. Read The Survivors then couldn't stop reading the rest! I am an avid Stephen King fan and your series rivals The Stand with the rich characters! When's book 6 coming out? Can't wait!!!

Tara McCallum said...

Ok, so I basically finished all five books in about a week! Exciting plot twists and turns, detailed character development and enough suspense to keep the pages turning; all are what makes this series a success in my eyes. I can't wait to see what comes next! I will say the grammatical errors were hard to ignore, but by book five they were minimal enough to not be distracting. Mostly they were misspellings and misplaced words by then(i.e. and, the or the wrong tense added). I loved every minute spent while in your world after War!

Lee said...

Ms. White,
What an awesome series keep it up

Crys Amari said...

I downloaded books 1 & 2 because they were free and was immediately hooked! I am currently re-reading the series and can't wait for book 6. I hope it's finished soon, keep up the good work.

JodiMelinda said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the series. Keeps me wanting more. Thanks!!!

Carl said...

LAW is a great series. I've read all 5 in less than 6 weeks or so. Can't wait until book 6 comes out. Read Prelude and Bone Dust & Beginnings. Was surprised to Find Rick still alive after Becky shot and killed him in the LAW series. Like others, I'm surprised the series hasn't bee made into a movie.

Dave Jacques said...

Great series! The grammatical errors also pulled me from the story , but they've increasingly diminished as the series unfolds. I appreciate that,but because of the excellent writing and fabulous story and character development I have continued to buy these books and will continue to.Yes what the heck is up with Rick being alive in Alexas' travels years after Becky shot him?

Clark said...

Great series...great character development also. Yes there are some editing error but not enough to detract from the story. Cannot wait for book 6 and the rest of the series.

Keep up the good work and keep Angie and Marc together. It would hurt to see them pulled apart and Adrian win her over, as a lover especially.


ERM said...

Can't wait until Book 6 of the After War Series comes out. Great writing Angela. I was hooked after the first book (1 & 2 conbined). I miss my Angela, Adrian and their Eagles! Looks like I need to dig into Prelude and Bone Dust & Beginnings from the comments of another blogger above. Thanks and anticipating the next book : )

Daniel Anaya said...

Thank you so much for your amazing writing you truley have a gift and dont ever let anyone say other wise and if they do punch them in the face with you car lol I have read all your books in a matter of day maybe a week per each one and I would like tobask if I could be a beta reader for you if you need anymore my email is please email me and let me know and I want to find a way to make this series a tv show and I think AMC would be perfect you should pitch them your books thank you so much Angela keeo it up I am so excited for your next book

bob and ginnys oldest said...

this is a wonderful series!!! these are the first ebooks i have bought,most of the ones i read are free,like book 1 and 2,but i have bought 3 and 4. now i need book 5. excellent story.the characters are interesting and i enjoy there kindness to each other,keep writing. i will try reading the first 50 pages tomorrow. really excited to read the next one,i will try some of your other books also. shirley mowrey

Rebecca West said...

I have thoroughly enjoyed the first five books and have suggested to others that they check them out.

You are refreshing, Angela!!

Jean said...

I love the LAW series. I have read all 6 and can not wait for 7,8 and so on. I agree with another blogger you get so wrapped up in the characters that you do not want to stop reading about them. You style of write pulls the reader in and just will not let go. Keep it up.

allenm said...

Eat, sleep, rest and then Keep On Writing. Congrats on the new service. The prior one made great narrative seem sort of amateurish. Continue with the great work and know that you have at least one faithful follower.

Andrea M said...

Is there a book seven? I want more.

lee harvey said...

Come on angela wheres 7?

Kirstine White said...

I discovered your work by random chance. I'm really enjoying the series book 6 downloaded and about to be consumed. Thank you

Heather Meder said...

WOW! I just finished book 6 and am eagerly awaiting book 7. I wasn't sure about the LAW series when I initially downloaded it to my kindle. I must admit that I sat on books 1-4 for awhile because I have to get in the right mind set. I was pleasantly surprised and became completely entranced in this story and it characters. It only took me about a week and a half to read 1-6 and I usually don't start a series before it's finished. Do you have any idea when book 7 will be available? Thank you for the free editions. In the meantime, I may check out the Bachelor Battles and Alexa's Travels.

Tina Hubler said...

Right on, sista! Where's 7??

Tina Hubler said...

Right on, sista! Where's 7??? I'm dying to read it! :)

Howard Folk said...

I have read all 6 and am waitihg for 7 I have enjoyed this. Keep on writing

Melinda Welsh said...

I love this series, however, there area a great deal of grammatical errors that throw me off. I would like to recommend it to my English classes, but with so many mistakes it will be hard to get past the school boards.

Faith Zefferi said...

Angela, I just wanted to tell you that I found the first book when desperately searching the free books on B&N for something decent and interesting to read. Your book fulfilled both wishes. I'm ok with stating that I'm addicted to this series and that I've shared the series with my family and friends and everyone has loved it. Keep writing your amazing!

Mary Heiman said...

Wow, sure enjoy the books!! Can't wait until book 5 & 6. I kept buying them so I could keep on reading in my Kindle.
Keep up the good work!!

Trey said...

I've really enjoyed the books, and I don't want this to come off as petty, as I'm sure it's an auto-correct kind of thing, but Spanish for "sir" is "señor", not senior

Dani said...

Angela, your LAW series is hypnotic. I absolutely can't put them down ! I downloaded the first two books (free by the way) from Amazon. Since then, which was just a couple of days ago, every waking moment, I have my tablet in hand, eyes hungerly devouring page after page of this series. I just downloaded book 6 and am relieved to see that in just a couple of weeks book 7 will be coming out. Thank you for continuing this series, and love the extras at the back of the books..deleted scenes, background stories. You really make the characters come alive with your writing. Again thank you.

Lisa Morton said...

What format is epub? I've quietly waited for this book, as I've read all others on my kindle, I don't want to have to go to my laptop to read this book in pdf and I don't have money to waste on a book I can't read. Hence, a kindle and Amazon... please advise. No, not quite it illiterate, just haven't this epub.

Lisa Morton said...

And why do I have to "preorder" if it is 11/5? Why isn't it "for sale"?

Tracy Rhodes said...

PLEASE tell me how to get book 7 !!!!

Shawn Fernandez said...

Where is book seven need to read please hurry

Shawn Fernandez said...

Where's book seven need to read it before I lose interest

Shawn Fernandez said...

Where's book seven need to read it before I lose interest

Mike Lewis said...

Any updates on when book 7 will be available???

Mike Lewis said...

Any new info on when book 7 will be available

Shawn Fernandez said...

Where is book 7

Simon Moyer said...

Thank you for this series! I'm a huge fan of postwar/post-apocalyptic/dystopian stuff, and yours is turning out to be one of the best I've read. Awesome character development, a storyline that keeps me wanting more, and surprisingly fewer (way fewer) grammatical errors than I've been forced to get used to from other titles I've downloaded through Kindle. From reading past comments here, it's obvious that the editing is much improved over what it must have been in the past. All I can say is keep 'em coming! I also agree that this series would make an amazing movie.

Melissa Agnew said...

Love series, when will book 7 be available. Have read all samples. Another question will the series end with book 7 or are we going for an 8th book??? Also will it be available on Amazon?

Melissa Agnew said...

Love series, when will book 7 be available. Have read all samples. Another question will the series end with book 7 or are we going for an 8th book??? Also will it be available on Amazon?

Raushanna said...

OMG, so excited about 2/14/15 release of book 7; re-reading everything in preparation!!!

Glad you are feeling better.

Cathy Thornsbury said...

Perfect timing! I'm re-reading the series in anticipation for B7. LAW would be an AMAZING tv series! So glad you're feeling better.

Wendybird said...

I have formed a Google forum where the avid readers of Angela White's, Life After War series can be discussed. Join and join in. Post a topic. I've read books 1-8 and love the series.!forum/life-after-war

JohnMc said...

Just wanted to say that the 'Life After War' series of books are the best post-apocalyptic series of books I have read.

I bought book 1 4 weeks ago, since then I have bought and read the remaining 6 books in the series so far. I can't wait for the 8th one to be published having read the first two free chapters I am really looking forward to reading the next in the series.

One thing Angie, can you please resolve the issues with Brady and Angie so that they can live in love and peace together. I am a hopeless romantic and the trails and tribulations Angie and Brady have been through have been, for me, an emotional roller-coaster ride. I hope that they can be happy and together in the end.

PS. have left, hopefully, good reviews on Amazon(UK) on all the books in the series.

Thanks for the enjoyment these books have brought me.

Deborah Matthews said...

I have just finished book 7 of this fantastic series and I need book 8. I have been so completely captured by the twists in the plot that I have just powered through books 1-7 in no time. I' m going to try some of your others while I wait for number 8 to be released. Where on earth did you get this idea from, it's so out there but then makes sooo much sense. �� thank you for writing another book, I wasn't ready to say goodbye to Safe Haven just yet. Love your writing, a huge fan, Deborah x

JohnMc said...

Spent the past six weeks reading the LAW series, and the book 8 taster, can't wait for September and the release of book 8. Absolutely love the books and have recommended them on Amazon(UK).

Have started re-reading them already mainly because the emotional roller-coaster ride I went through with Angie's and Brady's relationship made me skim pages so that I could get to the next saga in their relationship. I'm a romantic at heart and love a happy ending, hopefully Angie and Brady will have one......

Hated Adrian from the beginning, no one is that good!

Congratulations on a brilliant series of books.

JohnMc said...

LAW - I love this series and have already pre-purchased book 8, can't wait for it to be published.

For those who think that these books are just another post-apocalyptic series you'd be wrong. There are two main themes in this series. One is female empowerment and equality the other is a love triangle between the main characters with a slightly mystical bent. All this is set against the background of a post-apocalyptic world.

There is an excellent Google group set up where avid readers can discuss the story, characters and anything to do with the LAW series.!forum/life-after-war

Janeen said...

I am hooked! Posted reviews on Amazon today which is something I never do but these books are excellent. I'm picky about post apocalyptic books. I'm not huge on the zombie thing and it seems a lot of these kinds of books have zombies. This one, I'm happy to say, doesn't. And the huge number of pages keeps me going for days. I'm a fast reader too so to find long books to read is an added bonus! Hoping to get a little money set aside for the next book soon!

PS I'm curious, what happened to Wisconsin? I'm from WI so I kind of noticed it wasn't mentioned. lol Did it get blown off the map? Had to ask. :)

JohnMc said...

I am slowly reading through the LAW series again for the 3rd time trying to arrange it so that I finish book 7 as book 8 is published.

To Angela White (author) please, please let Angie and Brady be 'together forever and not one second longer'.

Readers want a happy ending to a story and only Angie and Brady together will do, certainly for this reader does and I'm sure many others do as well.

Thank you for this excellent series of books best post-apocalyptic series I have read.

shubooty2u said...

Recieved 1-3 free from bookbub well i bought 4-7 awesome story well told wish i was
a beta reader i love a good story loved how you brought in King's Larry Underwood with
the tunnel from The stand cant wait for the next book #8 in the meantime i will be
re-reading your Saga at least 3 more times over again!! GOOD JOB MS. WHITE

Unknown said...

I started this series on a whim. Not my normal read. I'm completely hooked. Fixing to start book 6. Very good writing. She jumped to the top of my favorite authors list! Can't wait to finish this series to start another she has.

Jesse Stanley said...

What great series, a unique style that grew on me and continues to keep me entertained.
A bit outside my scifi preference, but glad I stopped to see for myself in ibooks.

Jeri said...

I just finished book 4 of the Life After War series. Love it. Thank you!

I haven't been able to find Book 5 on Kindle anywhere. Can you point me to a place to buy it?


Mark Locke said...

When is Book 8/Carved In Stone likely to be available through Google Play Books?

Have purchased books 1-7 through Google Play Books & would like to keep the series in the same E-Reader rather than having book 8 from Amazon/in Kindle format

JohnMc said...

Hi Angela,

I used to love your LAW books and have really enjoyed many hours of reading, and re-reading them. The LAW series are like a TV soap program with many different characters and story lines. I read in one of your interviews that you write the stories as a series of short stories which you bring together into a book. It’s a very effective method and had been thoroughly enjoyable to read.

Sadly I will not be buying any future LAW books as I cannot stand the frustration with the Angie, Brady and Adrian triangle it’s just gone on too long.

Book 7 left me completely annoyed and frustrated with the bonding scene and what happened after.

When I read in the book 8 – Carved in Stone sample that Brady had found some scrolls on one of his ventures into the descendant halls, and that he discovered that he had been lied to about the bonding that Angie underwent with Adrian.

“Marc had other plans. He’d been busy diving through the muck for the old scrolls and he’d discovered several things he didn’t care for. One of them was that he’d been lied to again about the bond Angie and Adrian now shared. He’d also learned how to access a new hall of doors, but hadn’t had time to explore them yet. With Safe Haven camping for a while, that would change. Marc made a quick note in his book and went back to studying.”

I had hoped that when book 8 was published I would read that Brady had found a way to break the bond between Angie and Adrian even maybe by bonding himself to Angie thereby replacing the bond between her and Adrian ending this stale part of the story. Despite the above reference in chapter one of the book, there is absolutely no further mention of Marc continuing his investigations into the bonding, scrolls or halls. Why? Given the circumstances and the threat to Angie and Brady’s happiness from Adrian It’s completely inconceivable that Marc would sit back and do nothing to try to change the situation.

I was completely disappointed with book 8, the ending when Angie got shot and miscarried what happened there. Where did Marc’s healing powers disappear to? In book 6 and 7 he was healing people with gunshot wounds and other injuries. Yet with Angie’s bullet holes he seems to have forgotten he has healing powers. In fact he seems to have forgot he has descendant powers, or that’s he’s an alpha or has a demon. Why has Marc been side-lined again it has the feeling that you are writing him out of the story.

I want to sincerely thank you for the enjoyment your previous books have given me in the past but I cannot face another book that continues this played out story line.

Unknown said...

Haha great timing because I just got done rereading the Life After War series and went looking for the next book (#8) and come to find out I only have to eat a couple of weeks. Can't wait! Thanks Angela keep them coming

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